I just left Unico 20’87”, I was there in the week in February 2021 and that’s my full review for Unico 2087 for 2021. The resort has not changed in 2020, but with COVID they do have some measures like spraying your luggage and shoes at arrival and of course, sanitizing the tables and chairs after people have used them. But, I do have to admit that Unico is the resort in Mexico where the COVID measures were the lowest. I’m not saying that I didn’t feel safe, but compared to Hard Rock Cancun which I stayed 2 weeks prior, Unico is not applying 30 % of their protocols.

The food at Unico was amazing, especially the Japanese restaurant Mura. They have a bracelet now, so Hall of Fame members and another Legendary member can be identified for extra services. The cabanas are amazing and the pools were well services. I used the hydrotherapy at the spa and the staff was really on top of things.

Nothing in the room changed since 2020. I have an ocean view room in the middle of the resort with a Jacuzzi on the balcony and in my personnel assistant double surprised me by filling it and by being in my room. I appreciated the gesture, but at Hard Rock with their Safe & Sound measures, no one would have been allowed in the room except the cleaning personnel. Overall, it was an amazing experience and now, I’m at Hard Rock Los Cabos and that will be the resort that I will be reviewing next.

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