I just stayed for two weeks at Nobu Los Cabos in 2021 and here is my review after spending one week as a regular guest, and the other one using the Hall of Fame Legendary Meal Plan which is currently being pushed to Hard Rock members in order to promote Nobu to their guests.

After staying a few weeks at Hard Rock Los Cabos, moving to Nobu Cabos felt like taking a remote and placing the resort on mute. Yes, Nobu is high-end then Hard Rock in a few points, but what its you the most is how quiet the resort is. The place reminds me of Le Blanc, which is a quiet 5-stars resort in Cancun, #1 since 2007 and their new one here at Los Cabos. The one think you will notice really quickly is how fast your money will run out at Nobu. Of course, the offering are amazing and the quality of the food is comparable to Michelin 2-stars restaurants.

Yeah, I will not push it to 3-stars even at the Nobu Restaurant, which will run you 500$ for two without the wine. They have both regular and super cabanas with large LCD screens what you can use, provided that you spend more than 500$ on drinks and food during the day. Something you don’t even think about, as it will be happening anywhere in-between the lunch and dinner.

Do you need to be a millionaire to stay at Nobu? No, but you need to consider that the room and the food will easily cost you more than a thousand dollars a day without when trying. That’s why in my next video, I will compare my experience and the cost between Hard Rock Los Cabos and Nobu Cabos.

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