By the end of this video, you will have learned what makes an unboxing and review channel successful and, more importantly, how to start one from scratch and without having to buy anything.  And who better to teach us this than Lewis Hilsentegen.   Lewis is a Canadian YouTuber, and his channel, Unbox Therapy, is the most successful review channel on YouTube by far, with 18 million subscribers, 1.3 million views daily and reviews excited 4 million a year.

He must have the craziest studio on YouTube.  It is so big that he can hide the last Mercedes EV in the corner, and we can’t see it. But, from this perspective, it would be easy to forget that Unbox Therapy was not always making 10,000$ a day opening boxes and showing its content to the world.

Here is a video from ten ago to give you an idea. 

And here is his latest video in 2021.

Now, that was the latest iPhone 13 mockup.  Don’t expect Apple to send you one for your first unboxing video.  That only comes over time and when you manage to get hundreds of thousands of views every time you click upload in your YouTube Studio section.

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The channel mainly does tech product reviews with a unique touch, thanks to Lewis’s humour, which starts from the point when the product is still in the box.  Just the way you would receive it when you buy it. Now, that might have to do with Lewis’ background and because he attended the Toronto School of Art, where he studied digital arts, photography and video editing before he became famous.

According to Forbes, Lewis aka Unbox Therapy, net worth is estimated at $24 million mainly from his channel’s revenue and his many sponsorship deals.

Unbox Therapy YouTube channel has over 18 million subscribers as of 2021, and has generated more than 4 billion views across its different videos. On average, the channel gets around 1.3 million video views every day. With a CPM of 5$ to 12$ per 1,000 views, the channel makes more than 10,000$ a day in YouTube ad revenues, without count the revenue from sponsors, affiliate programs and goods he gets to keep.

Now, let’s discuss thumbnails and titles as there is a big secret embedded in them.  The branding for the thumbnails is consistent and shows him with the product is has unboxed.  As for the title, it often features a superlative.  Something like; ULTIMATE, BEST, DON’T BUY… and often these trigger words are in bold.   The title is also short, and the point, no click beats here.  If he wants people to stay on the video, he knows that he can’t lie to them.

If you have ever looked at a YouTube analyst graph, you know that viewers often leave within the first 30 seconds, and most are gone a minute before the video ends. That’s why he never refers to other videos until the end.  He doesn’t want to give any ideas to his viewers to jump ship and go watch something else.   So, what does he use to keep the viewer on the channel?

The channel is now unboxing anything from the latest iPhone to fully Electric Porsche. 

Many of these products are shipped to him by the container load.  I have often seen companies ship their entire product line in a huge crate for him to open.  Which turns the channel into a secret reveal channel, something that is become popular.   It seems that even adults like receiving gifts or watching people open them on YouTube.  Now, I’m sure all are not unboxed on the channel.  And I’m sure he doesn’t get to keep everything, and this is that point that makes it that you can start your own channel. 

We all know that companies need advertising, and what better promotion than to have someone endorse your product on YouTube.  A lot of videos generate a lot more views than traditional mainstream media, and advertisers know that YouTubers have a flock of loyal subscribers that trust them. But, there is a catch for starting YouTubers; most don’t have enough subscribers or views to be attractive to sponsors. 

DJI is well known for sending free drones to creators that use them to promote on their channel. But, DJI has a formula.  You need to have a channel of a certain size and demographic before they will risk sending you a product to review.   And, in my own experience, companies that do it also have multiple types of sponsorships.  While some YouTubers will receive the product with a check or, at the very least, get the drone as a gift, that’s a majority.  Most will be contacted and offer only the opportunity to test and review the product for a specific amount of time before it needs to be returned.

So, what are the best solution for you if you want to start an unboxing or review channel?  That depends on what you want to review.  The subject for our next study will be Doug DeMuro, a YouTube that reviews expensive luxury cars and makes millions doing it.   His only option is to borrow the car for the day or film them inside the safety of the garage if they to precious to be driven around.   So, in exchange for being allowed to film them, he mentioned the dealership in his video and place a link to their website in the description.

Following that idea, let’s see how someone like you could go at makes his unboxing channel successful.

First, you could start by making your video directly where the product you are reviewing is.   It is not ideal, but until you can be trusted or have insurance that covers the product for any damage you might cause it, it might have to do.

The second option, you can buy it and film it in your studio, in your own time.  If I were the store, I would generate a purchase, invoice the YouTuber’s credit card and refund them when he has returned the product in good condition.  Now, here you have to careful as you might be tempted to buy only cheap stuff that most people don’t care to learn about.

Next, you can buy the product on Amazon and review it.   If the product is cheap and the revenue generated by the video is good enough, you can keep it, give it as a gift to your subscribers, which would please them or resell it on eBay and recuperate some money.  The problem with this approach is that most YouTubers that have the product sponsor to them will have made early bird videos before you, and you will lose some of the initial waves when the product was treading.

Of course, the last one and the best solution is for companies to give you the product for free or better, pay you for reviewing it.  Which should be your ultimate goal and your second source of income on YouTube.   But that takes time and until you get there, you will have to grow your channel on your own.

Now back to Unboxing Therapy, a lot of his success has to do with his entrepreneurship.  He thinks of his YouTube channel as a business, and like most successful YouTubers, he spends as much time making videos as making deals with sponsors.  Another point that is often overlooked on YouTube, famous YouTubers are not doing it alone!

As their channel grows and revenues start to come in, they switch from single talent in from of a camera to businessman and woman and hiring social media managers, producers, secretaries, cameraman, editors and so on.  If you have money, I suggest you start doing this now.

If you have a review or unboxing channel, please list them in the comment below. We would to see what you are doing.

In future videos, we’ll discuss the structure of a YouTube business in-depth.  For now, go and press the record button and start making videos!  But, before you do that, please click the other red button at the lower left of the video, the subscribe button!  Thanks, and see you in the next video.

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