I just spent two weeks at Hard Rock Riviera Maya on the Heaven Adult-Only side and it wasn’t the typical type I normally spend there. It used to be my favourite resort and I hope it could return to this former glory, but I don’t see that happening in the next few months. A lot of repairs are going on at Hard Rock Riviera Maya on the Hacienda side of the resort, including the member pool, the huge lagoon pool, building 7 and 8, three restaurants are closed: Frida, Ipanema, and Pizzeto. In addition, the service at the cabana was non-existent despite having brought that problem to the Head of Public Relationship on the 4th day, by the time I left the resort on day 13th, a bottle of water was all the service I had managed to get at the VIP beach. Maybe they have personnel problems during the pandemic something that Hard Rock Cancun not only didn’t have a problem with, but their service for 2021 has increased a LOT since my last review in 2020.

As I’m discussing in the video, should you book a vacation at the resort at the moment or should you wait a few months until they manage to get the service, especially for members to an acceptable level. The repairs and new construction at Hard Rock Riviera Maya are no problem, at least not on a noise level.

And also, the service is not a problem for non-members. Like a staff mentioned to me; “if you book with Expedia and all you care is to get drinks by the pool, you will have a great time.” I agree with that statement and that’s why the resort is #1 on TripAdvisor.

One thing that is redeeming the resort is the restaurant at dinner time. They are absolutely amazing. Especially Le Petit Cachon, Ciao and Los Gallos. At lunch, the new Zen Express Sushi Bar is also a welcome surprise.

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