In my Hard Rock Los Cabos Review 2021 (Part 1), I have discussed the beach, pool, and services, now it is time to discuss Hard Rock restaurants, Kid’s Club, the shows, and nightlife. Hard Rock Los Cabos has world-class gastronomy, and the bars offer custom drinks that really make the term “mixologist” come to life.

The attention to detail at the restaurants, the lounge, and especially at the pool is among the best I have experienced despite having traveled the world in luxury for the past fifteen years. I had very few delays at the restaurants or at the pool. Sometimes, I’m even wondering how they manage to anticipate my needs.

Of course, I’m a Hall of Fame member and I have been at the resort for two weeks and will be here for two more, but still, it is beyond my expectation. No question that it is a Hard Rock and sometimes, it can be noisy at the main pool and at night when people that don’t know how to party return to their rooms drunk or loud. But, that will happen even in the most classy hotels. I’m not much of a nightlife person, but the people I have interviewed for this video have all assured me that it is the place to be if you are between 20 and 40, and I believe them since the bars and lounges both inside and outside the resort are beautiful and packed at night.

Now, there is one little point to mention, and it is that under COVID rules, the bars and lounges are closing at 11 pm or at the latest at midnight. Next, I’m moving to Nobu Cabo, which is a notch above Hard Rock in luxury.

So, look for that review. Hard Rock Los Cabos Part 1:

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