Hard Rock Los Cabos is my new favourite resort, and not just in the Hard Rock family. I have been here for 2 weeks and I have so much to add to my Hard Rock Los Cabos Review 2021 that I will do it in two parts. In this first part, I will review the beach, the pools, and the services offered there.

Then, we are going to review the rooms, the Safe and Sound COVID measures, the areas, what you can do at Hard Rock Los Cabos. In my second part, I will review the restaurants, the room service, the food, the Kid’s Club, the bars, the shows and I’ll give you my overall impression of the resorts. Hard Rock Los Cabos was built in 2019, and it had to close for four months in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The resort really feels like a Hard Rock International resort, but all-inclusive. It has Super Cabanas, amazing attention to detail and the service reminds me of Le Blanc Spa Resort which has been #1 on Trip Advisor for the past 14 years. Of course, it is a Hard Rock resort and it has all the vibe and animation of Hard Rock, but with the amazing service, you can expect from the best hotels in the world. As a Hall of Fame, managers and staff often come to see you during the day and ask what they can do to improve their services or what they can give you to make your stay even better.

Normally, I would have a myriad of suggestions for them, but at Los Cabos, I could not find more than one or two minor suggestions, everything is just perfect, and the staff and management are on top of things. Also, here at Hard Rock Los Cabos, the Member Pool is not only reserved to Legendary Members but for people buying upgrades to Presidential Suites and Rock Royalty suites. As the pool is huge and the Bali Beds are only reserved for Hall of Fame members, it doesn’t impact our experience in any way.

Hard Rock Los Cabos Part 2:

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