I just stayed at Hard Rock Cancun as a Hall of Fame member every year since 2015 and he is my review of the Hard Rock Cancun for 2021. The first thing I can mention is that the service has improved since I was there the year before. I have informed you that your experience at Hard Rock Cancun will massively change if you go either as a guest of a Hall of Fame member or if you buy the Rock Royalty upgrade at Costco or directly from the resort. That is because of a LOT of areas at accessible only for high-level members and guests, or Rock Royalty.

The main thing with Hard Rock Cancun which impressed me was their Safe & Sound COVID measures. The resort is spending massive effort in sanitizing everything, all the time. They place signs on tables, chairs, and cabanas to let the guests know that the surfaces were cleaned after the last person has departed.

No one except the maids are allowed in your room and everyone wears masks and gloves. The food at the private restaurant on the third floor was particularly amazing this year. I also had two amazing butlers (Eddie and Miquel) and the rest of the staff was equally great. In the ocean view room, not much has changed except that the hairdryer or clothes iron being inside a bag to make sure people do not touch it unless they need it.

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Review 2020 – Full Review

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