Peter McKinnon is one of the most successful YouTube in Canada, but in my experience, he would fail if he lived aboard as a digital nomad. I have been living abroad for more than ten years and it is not as easy as it seems to operate an online business outside Canada, the US and Europe.

YouTubers are making money with affiliate programs and by selling digital products that are often blocked in a lot of countries. Many companies refuse to collaborate with YouTubers if they live in certain countries like the Middle East or Africa.

They feel that the risk for scams or fraud is too great. PayPal and other credit card merchant services like Shopify may also refuse to work with content creators on YouTube if they are living in other countries. I had many accounts restricted or suspended when they discover that I was living outside the United States or Canada.

The accessibility to content that advertisers would be interested in paying to advertise on when you live in Egypt or Thailand is limited. This will reduce your YouTube monetization greatly. In this video is all my experience making videos on YouTube from all over the world.

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